Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka

Yesterday morning, Joe Toole, Senior Principal with Kittelson and Associates, spoke to a delegation from Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka about roadway safety and lessons that could be learned from the United States. The invitation was extended by the International Road Federation (IRF) whose mission is to encourage and promote development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable roads and road networks across the globe. With offices in the Washington, DC area, IRF’s membership includes public and private organizations in over eighty countries on six continents. The IRF not only provides a link for many US firms to interact with their counterparts around the world, they also support training and development opportunities both in the US and abroad.

The delegation from Sri Lanka was particularly focused on the challenges of maintaining their current infrastructure, addressing growing congestion, and improving safety. With the support of the Asian Development Bank and others, the Sri Lankan Road Development Authority is now looking for ideas, technologies and partners to help them on that path.

Having previously visited and traveled on the roads in Sri Lanka, Joe was able to relate to the challenges faced by the people of this island nation, as well as their desire to do so in a way that protects and enhances the safety of its citizens.

Joe has previously participated in IRF-sponsored activities in Abu Dhabi and Bogota, Colombia, and will be part of the instruction team presenting safety training in Qatar next year.

Even with the difference between our countries, it is exciting to me to see so many opportunities for sharing. I found that we had much in common, both professionally as well as in our vision for safe and connected transportation systems.

Joe Toole, Senior Principal, Washington, D.C.