Did you grow up fascinated with how people move around? Ever wonder how driverless cars will impact our lives? Maybe you’ve had a burning passion to build a better street system to accommodate more modes of transportation. If so, you’re talking our language.


Join us for a webinar on how Kittelson’s internship program can help you refine and explore your interest in becoming a transportation professional.

In the webinar, CEO and senior principal engineer Mark Vandehey discusses how Kittelson’s planners and engineers approach and solve the complex transportation issues facing our communities today. He shares thoughts, experiences, and advice for students evaluating a career in the field, discusses the future of the profession, and describes a day in the life of a young transportation professional.

Everyone is willing to help and explain, do everything they can to help you reach your goals, and laugh a lot along the way. It’s the type of place where you look forward to your Mondays.

- Krista Purser, Kittelson Transportation Analyst and Former Boise Intern

Following the talk with Mark, transportation analyst Kylie Caviness and engineering associate (and former Kittelson intern!) Jennifer Musselman present an overview of our internship program. During this portion of the webinar, you’ll hear first-hand how our internships are unique and challenging.

Sound interesting? Watch our webinar to learn more. For our 2018 summer internships, we hosted two webinar sessions:

Read more about our intership program, or jump in and express your interest in becoming a Kittelson intern! If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Musselman at jmusselman@kittelson.com.