Zachary Horowitz

Senior Engineer

Zachary Horowitz

As a five year old, Zachary regularly asked to be taken for a drive on the 405 in Los Angeles. It’s no surprise that those excursions led to career in transportation, shaped by his interest in cities, his bachelor’s degree in geography from McGill University and master’s  degree in civil engineering from Portland State University, and his love of travel.

Zachary is an excellent mentor who loves to help others achieve their professional goals. Getting complicated and challenging projects done brings him a great deal of satisfaction. He has a broad range of transportation knowledge and interests that include traffic operation analyses and forecasting; transit and freight planning; data analysis; pedestrian and bicycle safety; and transportation policy and finance. Zachary is a strong communicator, who enjoys writing, presenting, and public involvement, and has worked on transportation projects in many parts of the United States.

Zachary has been involved in many volunteer and leadership roles in community and professional organizations throughout his life. Previous to working in transportation, he was a web application and database developer. He loves his family and friends, baseball, basketball, bicycling, and astronomy.

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