172nd / 190th Corridor Plan Virtual Workshops

Clackamas County, in coordination with Damascus, Gresham and Happy Valley, is working on a planning project to identify the future look and alignment of 172nd Avenue north of Sunnyside and to determine how it will connect to 190th Drive in the Gresham area.This project is needed to accommodate the future traffic demand that will come with the buildout of developable land in Happy Valley, Damascus, and Gresham, and there is a need for a north-south connection to accommodate local and regional traffic growth. There are limited locations where this type of connection/facility can occur due to topographic constraints and existing urban buildout.

KAI produced five virtual workshops for the project in order to engage a wider variety cross-section of the public in the planning process. Virtual workshops ran alongside real workshops and provided a similar experience to the in-person event. By utilizing comment maps, fillable PDFs, and surveys, the public was able to provide feedback as well—just like they would have in person.