172nd Ave Sunnyside Rd Alternative Design

The area around the 172nd Avenue/190th Drive Corridor was recently added to the Portland Metropolitan Urban Growth Boundary (part in 1998 and the remainder in 2002) and is planned for urban development at an average density of at least 10 units per net buildable acre for the residential areas. There are also planned commercial and employment areas within the cities of Damascus, Happy Valley, and Gresham. Some of this development has already begun to occur. As the transportation system exists today, SE 172nd Avenue and SE 190th Drive lack the needed continuity and capacity to serve projected future traffic demand created by this anticipated urban growth. There are limited locations where this type of connection/facility can occur due to topographic constraints and existing urban buildout. Planning efforts thus far reveal that there are no other physically viable, cost-effective north-south routes in this portion of the county.

With these constraints, the project team recognized the need to empower local citizens and stakeholders to help shape the alignment and appearance of the future corridor to meet their needs. The primary challenge of this objective was to take the competing interests of the multiple municipalities involved and to encourage a collaborative solution that will best serve all interests.