172nd Avenue/190th Drive Corridor Management Plan

The area around the 172nd Avenue/190th Drive Corridor was recently added to the Portland Metropolitan Urban Growth Boundary (part in 1998 and the remainder in 2002), and is planned for urban development at an average density of at least ten units per net buildable acre for the residential areas. As the transportation system exists today, SE 172nd Avenue and SE 190th Drive lack the needed continuity and capacity to serve projected future traffic demand created by this anticipated urban growth.

KAI led a multi-disciplinary team to study a wide array of roadway alignments and network alternatives that best fit within the topographic constraints, environmentally-sensitive areas, and existing urban buildout. Ultimately, the project team, in collaboration with the local municipalities, citizens, and stakeholders, identified a preferred alignment and cross section to achieve the project goals. The final Corridor Management Plan included concept plan drawings (15% design level) that included horizontal alignment information, cross section details, preliminary vertical profiles, intersection layouts, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and estimated right-of-way needs. To promote bicycle travel, the preferred design alternative includes 8-foot cycle tracks along the entire corridor.

You can find more information [here] (http://172nd.com).