2035 Regional Long-Range Transportation Plan for Southeast Florida

With efforts led by KAI, Southeast Florida (a three-county area populated by more than 8 million people) adopted their first Regional Long-Range Transportation Plan (RLRTP) in the Spring of 2010. What the 2035 Plan created that previously didn’t exist, was a regional vision that united three individual MPO long-range plans into one. By having prepared this tool, the region is better prepared for receiving and applying funds to regional significant highway and transit facilities.

To achieve a successful adoption, KAI facilitated the coordination and collaboration of more than ten agencies across the region. To accomplish this regional effort technically, the following activities were undertaken over a two year period: a consistency/compatibility review of local, regional, and statewide plans; the creation and adoption of regional goals, objectives and measures of effectiveness; public involvement activities conducted in conjunction with local LRTP public involvement activities; the completion of a regional travel demand model that was applied at the regional and local plan analysis level; the development of a regional transportation network; the development of both a regional needs and cost feasible plan; a review and summation of regional revenues and finances; and, lastly a regional transit quality of service assessment for origin-destination pairs of regional significance. The adopted plan and it's supporting documentation may be found HERE.