Advancing Metropolitan Planning For Operations

Kittelson & Associates, Inc. through contract with SAIC served as part of a team that developed a Desk Reference for preparing objectives-driven, performance-based Metropolitan Transportation Plans (MTP). The Desk Reference incorporates operations objectives and acknowledges the related safety benefits of operations programs and strategies. The purpose of this work was to develop a user-friendly desk reference that enables planners and operators to build a clear vision for a transportation plan that includes operations and safety objectives, performance measures, and strategies that are relevant to their region, reflect the community’s values and constraints, and move the region in a direction of improved mobility and safety. This desk reference offers practitioners from small, medium, and large regions a menu of options for incorporating this approach into their plans through model transportation plans that include operations and safety objectives and performance measures. The reference provides succinct commentary on the models to ensure readers understand the benefits and applications of each element presented. The Desk Reference is intended for MPO planners and consultants who are charged with preparing and updating MTPs. The Desk Reference provides an extensive menu of measurable operations objectives and related performance measures, data requirements, and safety benefits.