Alternate Mobility Performance Standards

KAI was recently selected to work with the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Region 1 staff to identify and develop mobility performance measures that can be used in addition to the traditional volume/capacity (v/c) ratio in venues such as Transportation System Plans (TSPs) and Plan Amendments.

The v/c ratio is an intersection and point-based mobility performance measure that has been used since the 1950’s to assess the adequacy of transportation facilities. Within the past decade, several problems have surfaced with the continued use of v/c as the principal mobility performance measure within the State Highway System. This project recommended alternative mobility and other transportation performance measures for consideration on state highway facilities within the Portland metropolitan region that would be implemented through corridor plans or TSPs. The project identified additional analysis that might be needed and the process considered necessary to implement those measures. In the process of achieving these objectives, the project maintained consistency with ongoing studies and efforts to address, apply, and/or interpret the use of the Oregon Highway Plan mobility standards.