Anchorage Downtown Master Plan

KAI and a team of consultants prepared an update of its comprehensive plan for the Central Business District (CBD) and Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center. The new Downtown Plan is intended to promote mixed-use development, a vibrant pedestrian environment, a strengthened business climate, and to feature the unique characteristics of the city’s northern location. An extensive outreach effort supports the technical elements of developing a new land use plan, zoning codes, and ordinances for the area; evaluating proposed changes to the multimodal transportation system and modifications to the parking management system; and developing a new vision for the CBD that creates a new urban neighborhood and a more vibrant urban center. KAI's role was expanded to include the siting of the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center and the Atwood Parking Garage, the expansion of the Anchorage Art Museum, and the re-design of four downtown streetscapes. KAI led the transportation planning effort to locate and assess potential sites; evaluate and select the preferred site; develop the site plan; and prepare the event, parking, and transportation demand management elements of the overall project. Sites were evaluated based on their synergy to existing and planned development, proximity to hotels and supporting uses, adjacencies to parking, access to freeways/arterials/transit, and pedestrian safety and aesthetics. The goal was a “downtown” location, fitting within a one-block footprint, proximate to hotels and parking, with high-quality pedestrian access, and convenient access by transit and for freight. The convention center was approved in 2008 and constructed in 2009.