Anchorage People Mover Transit Signal Priority Evaluation

People Mover, the Anchorage transit authority, retained KAI to conduct an independent evaluation of the impacts of transit signal priority (TSP) on general traffic. People Mover was operating TSP along two corridors as a pilot project. The agency desired to make the implementation permanent with the option to expand TSP to the entire system, which required approval from the Anchorage Assembly. KAI developed and executed a data collection and evaluation plan to collect traffic volume, delay, and queue estimates at three intersections on a cycle-by-cycle basis. TSP-active cycles were identified, and delay and queues during TSP-active and non-TSP cycles were compared. KAI also conducted qualitative field evaluations of the TSP operations. Based on the quantitative data and qualitative field evaluations, KAI found that although the existing signal and transit components used to implement TSP were limiting, TSP could be implemented without significant impacts to general traffic. KAI then recommended improvements to the TSP implementation for consideration in expansion of the system. Based on these findings and recommendations, the Assembly unanimously approved a permanent authorization for People Mover to implement TSP.