Broward Boulevard Transit Study

KAI partnered with Broward County Transit (BCT), Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) to conduct the Broward Boulevard Transit Study. The purpose of this project is to increase corridor mobility, access to transit, and transit ridership in the Broward Boulevard, 8-mile corridor. A team of five consulting firms were assembled to identify geometric and operational improvements which would ultimately reduce bus travel times and improve access to bus stops. At the conclusion of the transit study, the team will have developed a preferred conceptual design alternative. Specific activities include examining existing traffic conditions and transit operations within the Broward Boulevard corridor, and identifying improvements for transit service, pedestrian/bicycle flows and traffic operations. These will include:

  • defining the markets served including any special populations
  • environmental justice populations or special generators
  • ridership
  • analysis of stop and transfer activity
  • existing and anticipated travel volumes
  • existing and forecasted congestion levels
  • land use plans and economic development initiatives
  • sensitive social or natural environmental resources