Burlingame Fred Meyer Off-Site Design

Fred Meyer is in the process of redeveloping their existing Burlingame site on the south side of Portland, next to Interstate 5 (I-5) and Highway 99E. Based on Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) studies guidelines, KAI performed the required traffic operations analysis for site access and on-site circulation. The conditions of approval identified the following improvements:

  • Two driveways along Barbur Boulevard
  • Curb extensions, sidewalks, and one driveway along Custer Street
  • A new sidewalk along 13th Avenue
  • A signal modification at the Bertha Road/13th Avenue intersection

KAI prepared the construction plans for the proposed improvements in accordance with the agencies’ latest standards and specifications. The improvements were necessary to ensure American with Disability Act (ADA) compliance at the driveways and adjacent sidewalks.