Caltrans District 1 Travel Demand Model

Under a CMAS contract with Caltrans District 1, KAI coordinatedwith Caltrans District 1 and the local agencies in Del Norte County to develop a countywide transportation demand model of Del Norte County. Similar to other travel models in District 1, the Del Norte County model was developed using the TransCAD software platform. It was developed for compatibility with the Greater Eureka Travel Demand Model (covering Humboldt County) and the Wine Country Interregional Partnership Travel Demand Model (covering Lake and Mendocino counties). KAI developed the base year land uses using county assessor parcel data, Census, American Community Survey, and a geocoded employment database from InfoUSA. Future land use will be based on local agency general plan maps and GIS files. California Statewide Household Travel Survey (2000-01) data for Del Norte County was supplemented with survey data from other District 1 counties (Humboldt County, Lake County, Mendocino County) to develop trip production rates (attraction rates will be based on the Wine Country Model).

KAI developed a comprehensive traffic count database from existing sources (Caltrans Traffic Census Counts, HPMS data and all available counts from local agencies or TIAs). Based on the count database, KAI managed a data collection effort to augment the count inventory suitable for model validation. A draft model network, based on the GIS street layer, was developed and coded. A draft TAZ structure and TAZ connector network were also developed and were reviewed by Caltrans District 1. Concurrently, KAI developed a Master Network and Master Land Use structure to allow maximum flexibility for model applications.

After the satisfactory completion and validation of the base year model, KAI will develop future year network and land use. Final documentation and a Model Users Manual will be provided along with staff training on the model.