Charles Street Trolley

KAI assessed the potential economic development benefits and feasibility of a trolley line in Baltimore, evaluating fixed rail and rubber tire trolley alternatives. The project has had a broad and effective community involvement strategy to fully integrate options into the historic heart of the City of Baltimore. It has been designed to improve access to Charles Street's retail corridor, connecting it to destinations between the Inner Harbor and Johns Hopkins University. KAI reviewed existing conditions and transit service, assessed potential modes, led a charrette and public meetings to select an alignment, and identify development opportunities. KAI also conducted intercept and targeted surveys, which developed preliminary ridership projections, estimated capital and operating cost, and evaluated funding options. KAI’s work with the team has also included: creating a 3-D visualization of operations within a segment of the corridor, educating communities and businesses about the project and soliciting assistance for further technical analysis, and organizing a tour to successful circulator projects in other cities. KAI is the leading preliminary engineering for a fixed-rail route and working with a newly established Trolley Corporation to complete implementation plans.