City of Ashland Transportation System Plan

KAI prepared the updated Transportation System Plan (TSP) for the City of Ashland, Oregon. This TSP included an existing conditions assessment, future conditions assessment, alternatives analysis, and a preferred cost constrained alternative for a 20-year planning horizon. The City of Ashland also chose to emphasize integrating land use into the TSP update process, prioritizing enhancements to their bicycle and pedestrian facilities, improving transit service, and increasing safety on their transportation system to create a balanced system for multiple modes of transportation. One of their community goals is to create a “green” template for other similar sized cities in the US to follow. Given their unique approach to the TSP update, the KAI team worked closely with the City and community members to explore innovative solutions and strategies such as bike share programs, multimodal level-of-service mobility standards, road diets, street patios, and other opportunities for the City to proactively guide and reach their vision for the future.