City of Bend Roundabout Educational Campaign

KAI developed an extensive education program to coincide with the City of Bend, Oregon’s first multilane roundabouts. Throughout the process, KAI collaborated with the City to develop consistent messages, and present those messages in a variety of educational materials. The messages and materials built upon what the community already knew about roundabouts and were framed so the City could integrate those same messages into other on-going educational programs such as Safe Routes to School activities, and outreach to targeted user groups that needed more information (e.g. bicyclists).

At the onset of the education program, KAI engaged local City staff (including the Public Works Staff, the City’s Public Relations representative, and Fire/Police Chiefs) to discuss key messages they wanted to convey. The outcome was an education program customized to the Bend community. Educational materials were developed as part of a near-term program to demystify multilane roundabouts for the public; convey that in many ways roundabouts are simply another type of intersection; and to reinforce safe habits as a motorist, pedestrian, and bicyclist. Products of the education campaign include:

  • Brochures
  • Display Board Panels
  • 2-D Model
  • Kids Activity Book
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Website Assistance