City of Roseville Pedestrian Plan

KAI developed a Pedestrian Master Plan, along with Pedestrian Design Guidelines and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan, for the City of Roseville, California. The purpose of the Pedestrian Master Plan was to guide and influence the design and development of pedestrian walkways in Roseville in order to create a safe, efficient, well-connected, and aesthetically pleasing pedestrian environment that serves pedestrians, while also balancing the needs of other forms of transportation.

KAI created a plan to accomplish this by developing goals, policies, and implementation measures for pedestrian improvements and programs; identifying a recommended pedestrian network; and establishing a 20-year framework for improvements that will enhance the pedestrian environment in the Capital Improvement Program. Working with the public, KAI gathered information on how to make Roseville more walkable, including identifying problematic locations for pedestrians and disabled residents. KAI held a public workshop and distributed a Consumer Survey. As part of the planning process, KAI also inventoried existing pedestrian facilities with a focus on curb ramps and corners at intersections as well as sidewalks along all arterials and collectors in Roseville.

The outcome of the project was a detailed implementation plan that will assist the City in prioritizing projects as funds become available.