City of St. Helens Transportation System Plan

KAI, in cooperation with Angelo Planning Group (APG), prepared a Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update for the City of St. Helens in 2010-2011. The project team reviewed and revised the City’s previously adopted 1997 TSP to reflect current and projected future transportation demands as well as community needs. The multi-modal study included an assessment of pedestrian, bicycle, transit, railroad, and motor vehicle facilities and needs. In addition to preparing the needs assessment, the TSP Update included development of implementing land use ordinances and a funding program. The TSP update incorporated elements of the Columbia County Community-Wide Transit Plan, the US30 Transit Access Plan, and the Lower Columbia River Rail Corridor Rail Safety Study. Final adoption occurred in August 2011. KAI is currently assisting with preparation of a follow-up streetscape planning/visioning effort for the City, implementing TSP recommendations.