Civic Circle Improvements

In 2011, the City of Longview implemented changes to the historic Civic Circle, within the City’s core, in order to reduce speeds and improve the pedestrian environment. While these improvements were largely successful in terms of speed reduction, and the City received positive feedback on the improved pedestrian environment, concerns were expressed regarding the continuity of lanes within the circle and a reduction in entering and exiting lanes on certain approaches. The City asked KAI to evaluate the implemented changes, identify issues associated with those changes, and recommend options for additional improvements.

Although Civic Circle is not a roundabout, many of the general principles of roundabout operational analysis and geometric design apply to the Circle. KAI applied these principles in evaluating the reduction in entering and exiting lanes from both an operational and a design perspective. KAI developed three improvement options, which ranged from localized improvements at the entries and exits, to removal of a lane from the circulatory roadway. Key considerations in developing these improvement options included: maintaining or increasing available parking within the Circle, path alignment improvements at the entries and exits, lane continuity for vehicles traveling through the Circle, and operational performance for the approaches to the Circle. KAI developed and participated in a presentation of the developed alternatives to the City Council.