Clackamas County Transportation Safety Action Plan

KAI has prepared a transportation safety action plan (TSAP) for Clackamas County, Oregon. Clackamas County is one of the three major counties making up the Portland metropolitan area; however, much of the county is rural in nature, encompassing Cascade foothills and the western slope of Mt. Hood. The County’s TSAP is the first of its kind in Oregon and provides the County with a blueprint of concrete actions to take to reduce the frequency of fatal and severe injury crashes on its roadway.

The project team worked with agency stakeholders to define the scope and goals of the project, analyzed crash data to identify emphasis areas where improvements can have the greatest impact, and developed draft recommendations. The team’s recommendations included countermeasure selection, analysis procedures to improve the reliability of improvement site selection, and data management techniques. This plan includes a significant amount of coordination with individuals responsible for education, enforcement, and emergency medical response activities as well as recommendations for improved coordination.