Clackamas County Transportation System Plan

Clackamas County recently retained a KAI-led team (including Otak and Cogan Owens Cogan) to lead the development of their 2011 Transportation System Plan Update. This project continues to build on the County’s desire to leverage initiatives across multiple departments and funding sources, maximizing the return on investment for its citizens from a transportation, land use, and public health perspective. This next generation in achieving transportation sustainability throughout the County will require a unique level of collaboration between the KAI team, County staff, and the public to achieve the identified vision through integrated projects, programs, and policies.

A concerted effort is underway to fully involve all communities within the county (via tailored public engagement activities) that will allow the County to effectively and economically engage the various communities through both traditional and new, innovative methods. Cogan Owens Cogan—one of our team members on the Lake Oswego Transportation System Plan—is leading this effort.

Among the work types covered by this contract include:

  • Review land use development applications with respect to the transportation system
  • Traffic engineering investigations
  • ITS engineering work including signal timing, analysis of communications systems, and familiarity with TransCore central computer system control
  • Traffic engineering design including signals, roundabout design and peer review, TCPs, and context sensitive solutions
  • Traffic safety investigations