Comprehensive Plan for the City of Birmingham, Alabama

KAI assisted the City of Birmingham, Alabama with its first comprehensive master plan since 1960. The plan focused on opportunities to build upon existing systems and structures, natural, human and man-made, to best use and manage scarce city resources. The plan also recognized the importance of mapping and managing existing rail and road infrastructure to support economic development and quality of life goals of the plan. It links significant transportation improvement efforts with neighborhood and business land use and economic development planning. The plan’s transportation policies, initiatives, and short-term actions help to identify new opportunities and advance parallel efforts. These include the creation a major bicycling and greenway system using abandoned freight rail infrastructure; providing support to implement recent planning to improve the efficiency and quality of Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority bus service and the Greater Birmingham Regional Planning Council’s enhanced transit service for downtown, to the airport, and throughout the region; recognizing and retaining major freight road, rail, and transfer infrastructure; and leveraging both major and minor road improvement projects to the advance long-term strategic positioning of the City to retain and reward existing residents and businesses while attracting and growing new opportunities.