Cornelius Pass Road Safety Evaluation

KAI co-led the Cornelius Pass Road Safety Evaluation project, exploring a range of safety improvements and their associated benefit/cost ratios. The project team developed short- and long-term improvement strategies consistent with the overall vision and function of Cornelius Pass Road by:

  • Applying Part B of the HSM to review crash data from before and after the improvements (i.e. new signing, striping, centerline rumble strips)
  • Collecting valuable local user feedback and effectively incorporating lessons learned into future improvements
  • Applying innovative techniques and methodologies such as the HSM and NCHRP Report 613 to develop a range of improvements and cost estimates for each improvement
  • Quantifying safety benefits using methods and information from the HSM and the FHWA CMF Clearinghouse
  • Using the safety benefits and cost estimates to calculate benefit/cost ratios that informed the selection and prioritization of improvements
  • Conducting productive work sessions with stakeholders to select a list of improvements.

KAI followed a collaborative approach with multi-agencies (ODOT and Multnomah County) reaching out to the Portland Public School and Oregon State Police, as well as representatives from the County Board of Commissioners.

Throughout this project, KAI collaborated with students from Portland State University to provide an opportunity for those students to apply lessons from the classroom to a real world project.