County Planning Study for Parking

As part of a consultant team with Ayers/Saint/Gross, KAI completed a transportation and parking plan for the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), which assessed the impact of anticipated campus growth and development through 2018. Strategically located off of I-95, near BWI airport, and between Baltimore and Washington D.C., UMBC looked to evolve from a predominately commuter-based school to one that provides a “campus experience.”

KAI worked collaboratively with the consultant team and university officials throughout the project, leading and participating in multiple stakeholder interviews and workshops.

KAI performed the following tasks:

  • Quantified existing parking supply and conducted a parking utilization study to determine the hourly profile of parking demand by user type. The utilization study confirmed that excess surface parking is available on campus which can be dedicated to other uses in the near-term.
  • Forecast future parking demand through 2018 and identified the amount of new parking supply needed to accommodate demand, accounting for the removal of surface parking due to new building construction.
  • Prepared a pro forma that identifies all revenues and expenses for UMBC's Parking Services department for a 20- and 30-year horizon to support construction of a new parking structure. Future revenue sources were analyzed and recommended as part of this task.
  • Evaluated potential future garage locations on campus taking into account proximity, access, consistency with Master Plan, constructability, and cost.
  • Developed and evaluated alternative roundabout entry designs on UMBC Boulevard.
  • Identified pathway and streetscape needs to improve walkability and bicycling on campus.
  • Reviewed UMBC's alternative transportation systems and identified Transportation Demand Management measures to reduce the demand for single occupancy vehicle travel.