Cushman & Barnette Two-Way Traffic Study

The City of Fairbanks recently completed the Vision Fairbanks Downtown Plan, which recommended conversion of the Cushman Street/Barnette Street one-way couplet to two-way traffic. This recommendation did not match the planned design of the Barnette Street bridge that was just starting construction after a lengthy environmental and design process. As a result, the City hired KAI to evaluate various one- and two-way street options for the Cushman Street/Barnette Street couplet through the downtown area. The goal of the study was to develop a strategy for the corridor that met the intent of the Downtown Plan while not requiring substantial revision to the bridge and intersections that were under construction. The multimodal evaluation included a detailed analysis of the existing and future traffic operations, microsimulation of future traffic conditions, assessment of pedestrian and parking impacts, and an evaluation of the potential impacts to businesses along the corridor under each alternative.