Deriving Bus Travel Speed/Dwell Time Using APC Data

Sponsored by the Florida Department of Transportation, KAI recently completed a study designed to analyze Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) data and estimate bus travel and dwell times to improve input values for various transit modeling and forecasting tools. The methodology calculates bus travel time/dwell time for different time periods at the route and stop level, which can also be used to enhance transit performance.

The report was based on over 3,000,000 stop level observations utilizing LYNX APC data. Although APC data is available to most transit agencies, few use it to capture bus speeds at the roadway segment level. Not only is this type of information useful for modeling purposes, but it can also be used to calculate transit impedances in mode choice. Additionally, in Small/New Starts evaluation nearly all of the user benefits are measured based upon transit travel time savings. The data derived from this methodology can be used to validate computer generated transit travel time savings. Access the full report for more information.