Division Streetscape & Reconstruction Project Existing Conditions Analysis

Through PBOT’s on-call traffic engineering agreement, Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI) analyzed the transportation conditions on and in the vicinity of SE Division Street, between SE 6th and SE 39th Avenues. The effort provided a thorough summary of existing transportation conditions on SE Division Street that addressed three subjects:

  • The Transportation System Plan section assessed existing conditions on SE Division Street by comparing actual conditions to the desired conditions expressed in the City’s Transportation System Plan.
  • The Street Inventory section described the existing features one would see if they walked along SE Division Street or along the other key streets in the vicinity of SE Division Street.
  • The Operations and Use section described how the various transportation modes actually use SE Division Street and the other key streets in the vicinity of SE Division Street. It described the popularity of each mode, assessed the street network’s ability to effectively serve each mode, and evaluated how the modes interact with each other.

After completing Division Street’s Existing Conditions Analysis, KAI was added to the project consultant team to assist City staff with conceptualizing a set of improvements for SE Division Street that would improve the right-of-way’s service to all who rely on it. With a goal of enhancing conditions for all transportation modes, abutting residences and businesses, and surrounding neighborhoods, KAI developed a set of transportation operations changes that achieved the goals while also reclaiming space to achieve non-transportation goals. Those goals included adding green street/stormwater features and increasing the availability of on-street parking. The transportation changes were developed, presented in public forums, refined through collaboration with the project’s technical and citizen advisory committees, and broadly endorsed in a span of approximately 12 weeks.