Drexel University Institutional Master Plan

Drexel University is surrounded by 30th Street Station, the University of Pennsylvania, and the historic urban neighborhoods of West Philadelphia. As the University plans for significant growth and an evolving academic atmosphere during the next 30 years, the strategic plan explores what it means to be a fully integrated urban campus: one that is designed to create desirable 24-hour activity areas that are attractive to students, researchers, and faculty; offers walkable and bicycle-friendly streets and pathways; and makes greater use of connections via a rich array of transit service between the campus, Center City Philadelphia, and employment centers.

KAI supported the consultant team to create a visionary master plan for Drexel University. The work included a comprehensive inventory of existing transportation resources and conditions, including: transit service, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, traffic operations, car-sharing locations, circulation patterns, and parking management. It also provided support for a comprehensive travel survey.

KAI also supported student, faculty, staff, and neighborhood resident engagement with an online mapping tool, allowing visitors to identify specific issues, and locations for investigation and resolution in the master planning process. Network gaps and locally observed opportunities helped the team to align infrastructure improvements, matching Drexel’s academic and campus living goals.

The team also helped the University to obtain City, PennDOT and SEPTA support for the plan, with immediate short-term improvements, or those that will be phased in over time as campus develops.

The plan won the 2012 SCUP Excellence in Planning for an Existing Campus Award.