Eagle Road & State Street Intersection Concept Study

KAI is leading a comprehensive study for the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) in downtown Eagle, Idaho to identify the preferred intersection treatment and other beneficial network improvements in the Eagle Road/State Street intersection vicinity. KAI is also developing a recommended phasing strategy and providing concept-level cost estimates including design, right-of-way, and construction. In addition, KAI is guiding an 11-person Project Management Team and a 17-person Stakeholder Committee through a collaborative, context sensitive engagement process to ensure a full range of team members and stakeholders are involved in brainstorming, discussing, and developing solutions. KAI is performing a concept design and analysis process of system impacts of roundabout, traffic signal, quadrant, and one-way couplet alternatives. These alternatives are being evaluated not just on traditional traffic operations measures, but also in consideration of safety, non-motorized travel, land use compatibility, physical impacts, and implementation measures.