East Metro Connections Plan

KAI assisted METRO with preparing the East Metro Connections Plan (EMCP), the first mobility corridor refinement plan to come out of the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan. The EMCP implemented a new approach to allocating limited transportation funds to ensure regional transportation investments support local land use, community and economic development, and the environment. This Regional Mobility Corridor encompasses NE 181st Avenue, Fairview Parkway, NE 238th/242nd Drive, and NE 257th Avenue from I-84 to US 26. Successful completion of the plan required working with the cities of Gresham, Fairview, Troutdale, Wood Village, and Multnomah County, and relied on collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries to advocate for the prosperity of the East Metro area. The final product was an action plan that identified specific transportation, community, economic development projects and their phasing over the next 20 years.

KAI helped prepare the evaluation criteria framework for the project, provided peer review of Highway Safety Manual (HSM) analysis*, Multimodal Level-of-Service (MMLOS) analysis, and other operations analysis for Metro staff; and prepared geometric designs and developed alternatives for some of the more complex areas of the project. The geometric designs provided planning-level plan and profile information for various critical projects being evaluated by the project Steering Committee. KAI’s team members include Leland and Associates and Greenworks. Leland and Associates worked with the cities in the corridor plan study area to develop a joint economic development strategy. Greenworks developed graphics for the final plan document illustrating the various corridor treatments.