Egan Drive Corridor Study

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) initiated a study to evaluate the Egan Drive corridor from a multimodal standpoint, most notably to perform analysis and concept design for several corridor alternatives that eliminated one or more vehicular lanes and provided enhanced pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Egan Drive, an urban arterial, currently enters the downtown core of Juneau as a four-lane facility with narrow sidewalks and no bicycle lanes. Measured vehicular speeds are significantly higher than the posted speed limit of 20 to 30 mph. During peak tourist season, pedestrian and bicycle traffic is extremely high along the corridorm, as the main cruise ship port in Juneau lies just to the east of the study corridor.

KAI analyzed multiple scenarios for a reduced number of vehicular lanes on the corridor and evaluated several types of intersection treatments including roundabouts (single-lane, multilane, and mini-), traffic signals, and unsignalized intersections with restricted movements and bike-only movements. KAI developed several unique corridor designs that included combinations of the above mentioned intersection treatments, as well as streetscape treatments for enhancing the pedestrian and bicycle environment and for slowing vehicle speeds.