FDOT Mobility Performance Measures Sourcebook

KAI, as a subconsultant to Marlin Engineering, Incis, currently updating the FDOT Statistics Office's Mobility Performance Measures Sourcebook. KAI updated the Sourcebook in previous years as well, having worked for the Statistics Office since 2001.

Florida’s Mobility Performance Measures program defines mobility as the ease with which people and goods move throughout their community, state, and world. The definition emphasizes mobility from the user’s perspective on four levels:

  • the quantity of travel performed (reflects the magnitude of the use of a facility or service)
  • the quality of travel performed (describes user’s experiences with travel conditions and the effects of congestion)
  • the accessibility provided by the transportation system (describes the ease with which people can connect to the multimodal system)
  • the utilization of a facility or service (indicates whether or not a transportation system is properly sized from the agency’s perspective, as well as its ability to accommodate growth)

The performance measures developed and evaluated by KAI represent the quantity, quality, and utilization of the transportation system, and identify the need for system improvements.

Overall, KAI's work activities for the Statistics Office have included:

  • Development, analysis, and evaluation of current and new performance measures
  • Updating, refinement, and development of the Mobility Performance Measures Sourcebook
  • Revision, refinement, and updating of the Mobility Performance Database for the State Highway System
  • Provision of quality control and updating of travel data contained in the Mobility Performance Database each year
  • Provision of advice and support in the development of enhanced highway and Mobility Performance Measures for urban and rural areas

The development of Mobility Performance Measures uses the principles of the Transportation Research Board’s Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) and default values developed for the Department’s Quality and Level of Service Handbook.