Florida Department of Transportation District-wide Network Screening Analysis

This work was conducted under an ongoing Traffic Operations Safety contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District IV for which KAI is the prime consultant. The purpose of this contract is to assist FDOT in implementing the Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan, to develop safety studies aimed at reducing crashes through infrastructure improvements, and to address safety concerns of citizens and local agencies. This particular task was for a District-wide High Crash Locations Assessment. A network screening along State roadways was conducted to identify six intersections most likely to benefit from engineering countermeasures. The project involved screening using GIS, crash data analysis, and summaries, as well as site visits. The intersections resulting from this task are currently being analyzed in more detail based on crash patterns, geometric conditions, roadway operations, and other elements potentially influencing the safety performance of the intersections. Full safety studies are being conducted at some of these locations to identify countermeasures likely to target specific crash types. As part of the safety studies, a cost/benefit assessment, and a review of countermeasure implementability is also being conducted.