Fresno Public Transit Infrastructure Study

The Fresno Public Transit Infrastructure Study (PTIS) evaluated a wide range of long-term land use planning changes and transportation improvements. The land use scenarios ranged from current plans to “market-constrained” transit-oriented development (TOD) to an aggressive TOD plan along selected corridors. The transportation improvements included major rerouting and extensions of bus service, bus rapid transit (BRT) with and without exclusive lanes, light-rail transit (LRT), streetcar service, and personal rapid transit (PRT).

KAI (formerly Dowling Associates) provided the base land use inventories, transportation forecasts, and scenario performance measures for the PTIS. We enhanced the Fresno County travel model to identify the different travel patterns in denser mixed-use and transit-oriented development. The modeling for TOD areas resulted in more short trips and easier connections to adjacent transit service, resulting in more transit, walk and bicycle trips, and fewer and shorter vehicle trips. The TOD areas generated lower vehicle miles of travel and greenhouse gas emissions.