Glacier Highway Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

KAI is working with the Alaska DOT&PF to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities along the Glacier Highway corridor in Juneau, Alaska. Glacier Highway used to be the main highway between downtown Juneau and the Mendenhall Valley. When Egan Drive was built parallel to Glacier Highway and took over as the main throughfare, the functionality of Glacier Highway changed to emphasize local vehicular traffic and local and regional non-motorized use; however, the existing physical characteristics of Glacier Highway continue to yield a main highway feel and are largely incompatible with non-motorized travel. KAI is taking a holistic look at the corridor and evaluating treatments that assist in creating an environment matching today’s functionality of Glacier Highway. Assessments of speed reduction treatments, access management treatments, and transit treatments are all being explored in conjunction with a wide variety of pedestrian and bicycle treatments. The goal of this work is to provide DOT&PF with up to three corridor visions, which will serve as guidance for future implementation of treatments throughout the corridor to improve the pedestrian and bicycle experience.