Holman Highway/SR 68/Highway 1 Intersection Control Evaluation

KAI conducted an Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) for the City of Monterey and the Pebble Beach Company in support of proposed corridor improvements on State Route 68 (Holman Highway) and intersection control improvements at southbound Highway 1 ramp terminals with Holman Highway and the Pebble Beach Gate at 17 Mile Drive. The purpose of the ICE was to objectively evaluate the implementation of either signal control or circular yield (modern roundabout) control at the Holman Highway / Highway 1 / 17-Mile Drive interchange.

The ICE compared safety, operations, life-cycle costs, and other key performance measures to determine a preferred form of intersection control. Prior to the ICE, a roundabout feasibility study was prepared to determine the project footprint, concept layout, operations, and estimated construction cost.

The ICE included three workshops between City of Monterey and Caltrans operations and design functional units. The workshops provided a forum to reach common ground through an objective analysis that allowed stakeholders to make investment decisions based on the optimal interchange configuration, traffic control, safety, and operational strategy for the design life of the interchange.

The ICE and feasibility analysis were 100% funded through the AB 2766 program administered by the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District. The feasibility analysis included calculations for the cost effectiveness of applying AB 2766 funding dollars to the roundabout concept in reducing pollutant emissions.