Howard Street Revitalization Strategy

Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI), working with ZGF Architects, LLC, helped to establish a reinvestment strategy for the Howard Street Light Rail corridor. As Baltimore’s first modern shopping street at the turn of the century, Howard Street developed around the original streetcar hub, a role that the area still serves today. The team worked with leaders from major private and institutional interests along the corridor, the City of Baltimore, the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Maryland Transit Administration to prepare a more comprehensive strategic plan for transportation, urban design and market investment.

As the transportation lead, KAI proposed solutions that created critical urban design linkages and organized communications involving strategic sites that required multiple agency partnerships and coordination. KAI evaluated the operations and integration of all modes including traffic, parking, and loading; local, commuter bus, light rail, and Metro; and pedestrian and bicycle systems and facilities. In preparation for public engagement, system elements were detailed on area maps to visually represent transit ridership, traffic and congestion, and access to parking throughout the corridor.