I-84 Chenoweth Interchange Area Management Plan

Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) requires an Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP) for any new interchange(s) or significant modifications to an existing interchange. In 2006, the City of The Dalles adopted a zoning change from industrial land to commercial land for twenty-five acres near the existing Chenoweth Interchange. For this reason ODOT and the City were required to prepare an IAMP for the area surrounding Chenoweth Interchange at I-84. The purpose of the IAMP was to protect the function of the interchange by maximizing the capacity of the interchange for movement while providing safe and efficient operations between connecting roadways. KAI in cooperation with ODOT, City of The Dalles, Wasco County, and other stakeholders, identified transportation improvements and management strategies in the Interchange Area.

The project goals included:

  • consideration of the surrounding contextual land use, roadway network, and scenic area;

  • provide for efficient connectivity, right-of-way, and access control in the analysis area of the planned interchange;

  • refine and prioritize improvements needed to maintain acceptable traffic operations at the proposed interchange while providing safe access to adjacent land uses;

  • provide plans for improved local street connectivity in the project area while limiting cul-de-sacs or other non-connected streets;

  • evaluate existing and potential land use designations, intensities, conditions, and actions that could have a favorable effect on the facility or an adverse effect on the facility.

The plan included implementation policies to be adopted into the City and County comprehensive plans, transportation system plans, interchange access standards, and zoning ordinances, as appropriate.