I-880 Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Systems Engineering Management Plan

As part of a larger project to develop a systems engineering management plan for the I-880 corrdior, KAI conducted a high level screenline assessment of current traffic circulation and transit problems in the I-880 corridor, as well as opportunities and constraints for taking advantage of underutilized transit, surface street, and parallel freeway capacity in the corridor. Critical capacity choke points were identified for alternative transit services and alternative surface street routes. KAI identified active traffic management, demand management, and ITS strategies for addressing the critical capacity choke points and thereby better utilizing the spare capacity in the corridor. KAI also obtained data for state and local agencies and transit providers, delivered technical memoranda and maps, and presented the results to the multi-jurisdictional technical advisory committee, all within a tight 90 day time frame. Options evaluated included strategies for handling special events at the Oakland Coliseum, and for taking advantage of the spare parking capacity of the Coliseum complex between events. The corridor limits extend 46 miles from the Bay Bridge to I-280 in Santa Clara County.