I-880/Marina Boulevard Interchange Reconfiguration Project Study Report

KAI provided traffic forecasting and traffic operations of the proposed I-880 and Marina Boulevard interchange project in San Leandro, California. The analysis provided support for the Project Study Report. KAI utilized the latest ACCMA countywide travel demand P07 model to provide future forecasts, which were applied to six interchange reconfiguration alternatives for traffic analysis. Synchro was used for at-grade intersection analysis, and HCS was utilized for freeway and ramp analyses. Forecasts were prepared to be consistent with a recent traffic impact analysis. Traffic operations analysis was conducted using Synchro software to evaluate the alternatives. Once a preferred alternative was selected, signal coordination and other features of the system were explored to minimize queuing at the intersections, given the constraints of the proposed new bridge width being designed by others. The analysis accounted for the Kaiser mitigation mid-block access from Marina Boulevard.