Interstate 580 Freeway Corridor System Management Plan

KAI led a multidisciplinary team, conducting the technical analysis in support of the development of the Interstate 580 Freeway Corridor System Management Plan. The project involved:

  • Extensive field data collection
  • Development and validation of three microsimulation models (using Paramics and SimTraffic in combination) for the freeway and surface streets
  • Traffic forecasting (using Cube)
  • Traffic operations analysis
  • Evaluating existing traffic operations conditions and future trends
  • Assessing current ITS Infrastructure in the corridor
  • Evaluating the causes and cures for non-recurrent and recurrent congestion in the corridor
  • Development of operations and management strategies
  • Development of schematic plans and cost estimates for corridors improvements
  • Assessing the costs and performance benefits of various strategies for preserving capacity in the corridor in the face of increasing demand.

Caltrans District 4 and Caltrans Headquarters were partners in the traffic operations and microsimulation analyses. Recommendations included HOT lanes, auxiliary lanes, additional ramp metering, additional ITS infrastructure, various surface street improvements, Bus Rapid Transit, BART Extension, and inter-city passenger and freight rail safety, capacity, and speed upgrades.