Jacksonville Transportation Authority ITS Signal Priority Program Study

KAI completed a TSP implementation project along Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida at six Naztec-controlled signalized intersections. This project involved reviewing alternate TSP strategies and technologies as well as conducting before and after evaluations on bus and auto performance measures. The GTT Opticom GPS system was chosen as the bus detection system for the implementation—its first transit application on a U.S. bus system. An interface between the bus detection system and the bus Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system was developed to test conditional priority along the corridor. This project also identified an implementation strategy to expand TSP application to other portions of the Jacksonville region. A Project Task Force consisting of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA), City of Jacksonville, FDOT District 2, and First Coast MPO staff provided guidance and review during the project.

KAI developed final technical specifications for a vehicle detection technology, defined corridor screening criteria, and applied the screening criteria to identify a priority corridor and intersections for JTA’s TSP expansion.