Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan

The Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan was a multi-faceted plan for the Ada County Highway District involving significant transportation analysis, design, and public outreach. The plan, which casts the 20-year vision for Downtown Kuna and provided specific project recommendations that could be carried forward for funding and into construction, was adopted in October 2012. The plan identified how residents and visitors got to, through, and around the Kuna, Idaho downtown, using all modes of travel. KAI worked closely with agency staff to identify land use and population projections, develop future volume estimates under multiple corridor options, analyze the intersection and corridor operations with the procedures from the Highway Capacity Manual, identify pedestrian, bicycle, and freight improvements, and carry corridor and intersection alternatives through a refinement process that ultimately led to a preferred concept design.

The intersection control activities involved with this project demonstrated KAI’s innovation, state-of-the practice knowledge, and intimate familiarity with ACHD Policy and design guidance. The KAI team used ACHD’s roundabout and signalized intersection templates in several unique ways to improve communication with the public and benefit the corridor plan as a whole. For the initial public outreach, KAI produced transparent sheets displaying various ACHD roundabout and signal templates and allowed the public to manipulate the sheets over the top of aerials in order to quickly gain an understanding of approximate impacts at multiple intersections. Building upon this initial exercise, KAI adjusted the ACHD templates in CAD to adapt to the contextual environment of each intersection. This formed a complete picture of the overall corridor concept with signals and roundabouts in place, which was then presented to the public to show more detail and gather additional feedback. The final stage of the project used this feedback to develop a preferred corridor plan including several roundabout and signal concepts. The Plan was unanimously adopted by the Kuna City Council and ACHD Commission.

One of the unique aspects of the project was the involvement of the public and stakeholders through an active engagement process developed by KAI that takes a “bottom up” approach and involves the public and stakeholders throughout the entire process.

The project was recognized by the Idaho Transportation Department as the winner of the 2013 Excellence in Transportation Award for Transportation Planning.