La Cañada Drive, Naranja Drive to Tangerine Road

KAI was the prime consultant for the design of the widening of this section of La Canada Drive from two to four lanes, divided. During the planning phase, KAI was responsible for preparation of the traffic engineering report, noise report, design concept report, and environmental impact report. During the detailed design phase, KAI prepared constructions documents for roadway improvements, storm drain design, layouts of retaining walls, signal design, signing, pavement markings. In addition, KAI also assisted the Town in assessment of right-of-way need and preparation of s-drawings, utility coordination, and public involvement.

Key project features are:

  • Soil-nail retaining wall
  • Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls
  • Cast-in-place retaining wall
  • Concrete barrier/short retaining walls
  • Drainage system accommodating 100-year storm event
  • Replacement of open channel with underground pipes
  • Assessment of impacts of golf course adjacent to roadway
  • Coordination with utilities and development of conflict resolution
  • Assessment of right-of-way and easement requirements
  • Public involvement
  • Landscape and public art