Maryland 273 Corridor Safety Study

Maryland 273 (Telegraph Road) is a 16-mile, two-lane undivided highway located in Cecil County, Maryland between US 1 and the Delaware state line. The corridor has experienced 319 crashes over a seven year period, including 159 severe crashes in the same time period. The Maryland 273 Corridor Safety study assessed the existing safety performance of the roadway and developed prioritized countermeasures to improve the safety performance of the existing facility. To do so, methodologies described in the First Edition of the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) were used to conduct a quantitative comparison of expected crash frequency and to provide an understanding of the expected safety performance and the proposed alternatives. Using the HSM Part C predictive methodology, a range of quantifiable safety modifications and expected benefits were determined. This effort included the identification of homogeneous roadway segments, intersections and applicable driveways, the evaluation of intersection and roadway crash data, and the consideration of contributing roadway factors and potential countermeasures.