Maryland Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan

As part of an ongoing Transportation Policy and Planning Open‐End contract, KAI is working as part of a consulting team with the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to update the 2002 MDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The project includes a number of tasks to benchmark past progress and expand statewide bicycle and pedestrian goals and objectives, including: public outreach on local and statewide levels; data collection and existing conditions analysis and mapping; development of new goals and objectives; bicycle suitability analysis and guidance; identification, analysis, and development of process and criteria for designating Bicycle‐Pedestrian Priority Areas (BPPAs); recommendations of current bicycle and pedestrian policies, programs, and funding priorities; analysis of jurisdictional best practice examples statewide; and a final plan. The Plan is being integrated with numerous statewide and local plans that have been developed since 2002 and is being developed alongside the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP).