Measure DD Addendum EIR Transportation Study

KAI performed a traffic study to refine the street system adjacent to picturesque Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA to improve pedestrian and bicycle access in support of expansion of Snow Park and creation of a pedestrian promenade leading to an amphitheater on the lake. The traffic study took into consideration plans for traffic growth in the area including construction of a nearby office tower and multi-family residential development. The street concept was modified to include bicycle lanes and replace an inefficient triangular arrangement of intersections with two intersections that provide shorter cycle lengths and an offset, two-stage pedestrian crossing of 20th Street that reduced pedestrian wait times to half the signal cycle length for both directions of pedestrian travel. Lakeside Drive was narrowed from four lanes to two and an unsignalized pedestrian and bicycle crossing was provided with an offset median island to improve visibility and eliminate the threat from multiple vehicles traveling in the same direction. The study demonstrated the pedestrian and bicycle improvements would provide acceptable service for motor vehicles during peak conditions.