MTC San Mateo 101 HOV/HOT Lanes Feasibility Study

KAI led a multidisciplinary team of ITS technology and highway design experts, studying the feasibility of adding HOV lanes (and later converting them to HOT lanes) to the US 101 freeway corridor within San Mateo County. This one-year long, $226,000 study for the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission, included activities including:

  • Developing demand forecasts for the freeway corridor
  • Preparing conceptual schematic layouts of various options for adding HOV lanes and then HOT lanes to the corridor
  • Estimating the construction costs of the options
  • Conducting detailed operations analyses of the freeway under each option
  • Assessing the impacts on transit riderships and local streets
  • Identifying access points and design
  • Determining toll schedules for the HOT lanes
  • Evaluating enforcement options
  • Forecasting operations costs and toll revenues for the project.

KAI worked with MTC staff, Caltrans, and local stakeholders (C/CAG and SMCTA) during the study, which produced several technical memos for review by the stakeholders and resulted in a technical report on the costs, benefits, and the feasibility of adding HOV lanes, and ultimately HOT lanes, to the US 101 freeway corridor.