Naylor Road Metro Station Access Study

KAI recently completed a study with M-NCPPC to identify hindrances to pedestrians’ and bicyclists’ mobility within the Naylor Road Metro Station area. The project, funded through a MWCOG Transportation Land-Use Connections Program grant, recommends specific short-term actions to improve connectivity and safety of the existing pedestrian and bicycle facilities. KAI also recommended specific long-term actions that implement the recommendations of the Branch Avenue Corridor Sector Plan. Existing barriers to pedestrian and bicycle mobility were identified through walking site visits with M-NCPPC staff and a multi-pronged community engagement strategy that featured a project website with interactive mapping and a public open house in the station-area’s community. Once the issues were identified, KAI developed a toolbox of solutions to these and similar problems for future use in Prince George’s County. Final recommendations include potential funding sources (e.g. federal grant programs) to increase the likelihood of implementation.